Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Boat-like Bag [17.9.2012]

Boat-like Bag
Time taken: ~2hours

Step-by-step instructions
1) Tools: Cloth tape, scissors, big staple, ruler and shoulder straps
2) Iron fabric, front and back
(I used only 1 piece of long fabric, hence skipped the step of stapling the base of the bag.)
3) Use the cloth tape to tape the entire back of the fabric
4a) After measuring and folding of the fabric, mark them with a pen.
(Measurements do matters a lot, because look what happened to the shape of my bag!)
4b) Staple the shoulder straps and the side of the bag.
5) Turn bag inside out :)

If I had this bag during my school days, I would definitely used it to put my flute case and scores.
Most retailing tote bags would not fit the flute instrument cases horizontally.
Also instruments are not light weight stuff, this bag holds really well ^_^

Booboos made.
The measurement was not done properly hence the bag shape was a bit longer on the width.
I'll remake another bag in a different fabric next time!
You may stalk my page for the next post if you wish to =P 
Till then~

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