Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bow-back top! [9th Sep 2012]

Bow-back top~! :)
Inspired by Macbarbie07's video.
Time taken: 2 hours

1) "Old shirt" from Platinum Mall in BKK 
(It's actually not old. it's a brand new top cos i dun look good in it. Oopx :P)
2) Tools: Scissors, ruler, sewing stuff and magazine/cardboard. 
(As shown in the video, a roller cutter and fabric glue was used. The glue's really a time saver. However, i sew my stuff on cos i couldn't find my fabric glue. If you do not own a roller cutter like me, you might need a ruler to draw the straight lines to cut.)
3a) Place the magazine/cardboard inside the shirt.
3b) Start drawing the lines with a chalk/color pencils then snip along the lines at the back of the shirt. 
4) Sewing the small fabric to make the bow. 
5) TADA! My final product~

Right: here are some Booboos which i did while cutting and sewing. 
Remember, practice makes perfect ^_^
If you're sewing the small fabric on, do remember to find a similar thread color, so the stitch lines would not be too obvious. However, like mine, similar thread is not available, try to stitch neatly and have the stitches at the bottom of the bow. Because nobody will look upward from the bottom of your shirt =P
Left: I tried to use some colorful polka dot fabric to make the ribbon. 
However, the color really clashes. >.<

I wore mine with a top underneath :)
It's best to have a fitting top, so as to have a nice stretched bows as shown in the video.
However, you could just adjust them frequently if you're making the bows on a loose tee.

Go try yours now ^_^

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