Friday, September 28, 2012

DIY Flora Bag [26th Sep 2012]

DIY flora bag :)
As promised, the flora fabric has turned into a bag =P
Have you read my previous blog post entitled "Boat-like bag" post.  ?
Steps are similar to previous project ^_^
Check it out for steps!

How to accessorize a simple flora bag?
1) Original bag (Top left)
2) Get your old belt out. Tie a ribbon~ (Top right)
3 and 4) Get that hair tie out now! Just make a loop and you're good to go!

Now, which one out of the 4 looks the best?
Do let me know you preferred choice by leaving a comment below :)

Oh ya~!
I've downloaded Nuffnangx app for feedbacks and comments!
Do download now and i'll officially give you permission to stalk my blog.
I haven had much feedback/comments... 
Except that from my #1 fan. You know who you are :)

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