Sunday, September 9, 2012

Scallop cropped top :) [10th Sep 2012]

Scallop Cropped top~!
Inspired by FanieChanel crop top video and 
BoatPeopleBoutique scalloped shorts video :)
Took me about 1.5hours to complete.

Step by step instructions :)
1) Loose tee brought online
2) Tools: Scissors, ruler,chalk/color pencil & a jar with round base.
3a) Cut the collar wider to make that off shoulder look.
3b) Cut the base of the top to a desired length (not shown in the photo)
4) Draw scallops along the base of the top with chalk/color pencil
5) Cut carefully along the drawn lines 
(Do use a smaller and sharp scissors. A bigger scissors is not ideal for details cuts. Reason below)

Booboos :(
The reason why you should use a smaller scissors to cut the scallop base of the top.
Accidentally snipped a huge portion of the cloth with the big scissors as it's harder to control.
Luckily it was a small area at the side of the top, so I just sew it back =P

A clearer picture ^_^
I've paired it with my maxi tube dress :)
A cropped top usually gives a casual look to the entire outfit.
However, the scallop base of this top makes the entire look much feminine.

Try this out someday.
Just bring out your scissors~!
You don't even need to sew to reconstruct this top.
...Unless you snipped yours accidentally =P

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