Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Starfish for squirrelly [25th Sep 2012]

Happy Belated birthday to Squirrelly :)
16mm Swarovski AB crystals in the shape of starfish.
The pretty AB crystals shines best under light :)
I've my "Christmas tree" star AB earrings made a few years ago.

They're sitting on sliver kidney hooks!
Went google-ing on different types of earring hook names.
Most common types will be French hook earrings found retailing in shops.
I like kidney hooks as they're simple yet special.
Will post another photo of my own pair of earrings on kidney hooks someday ^_^

Flare without post-editing of photo
Perhaps some of you readers would see this solely as a craft blog.
But i would see it also as a product photography blog itself. (haha, self-proclaimed.)
The angle of the camera, background and also lots of other stuff to consider.
And sometimes i enjoy doing post editing on my photos :)
Hint: The flora background will transform into a bag soon!
Do check back for new DIY post soon :)

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