Saturday, September 22, 2012

That pair of shoes [20th Sep 2012]

That pair of shoes!
Nope, I didn't make this pair of shoes.
I just modify it slightly~
Removed some studs and replaced it with the cute white flowers!
Changing the feel of it.
"Why so serious?"
The not-very-clear Instructions =P
1) Shoes from Payless shoes, *crochet earrings from JJ market BKK, scissors, needles and thread.
2) Remove studs (I broke several nails while doing this)
3a) Sew the straps together and stuck earrings into the straps.
3b) To secure earrings to straps, apply fabric glue between.
4) tada! Cute shoes! :)  
* Couldn't wear those pretty earrings as the studs' post are made of nickel.
My ears swell after a day of wearing T_T

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