Saturday, October 20, 2012

FLEA MARKET (one) [20 Oct 2012]

20th October 2012 - 1st Flea market@Scape :)
Me and CM at Flea! ^_^
Our stall name: "Falling clothes rack"

The DIY felt notebook CM is holding :)

Preparations done before hand :)
My cute signage and CM's wonderfully laminated huge signage all over the photos! =D
I call this, teamwork ^_^
Luggage, prepacked beforehand and labelled neatly.
In packets and folded nicely.
Thankful for the sales! :)
and also met awesome taxi uncles to and fro my flea journey.
Especially surprised and happy to see my dear friends~
No matter how tired we were, it was a fun and definitely a learning experience.
My best customer award goes to...
*drum roll*

The pretty lady and her patient bf above :)
Do keep a lookout for my next flea ^_^

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