Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wrapping up with KFC [20.3.2014]

As I tried hard to related the term wrapping up to my DIY blog. Just giving you an introduction of myself and why would I want to join this contest by nuffnang...

Joined Nuffnang years back, but it is my first time participating in Nuffnang's contest! I decided to give it a try as I really was a fan of KFC twisters and wraps!

(Feeling very hungry and gluttony as I wrote on.)

To me (and my tiny DIY blog here), to wrap up equals to finishing a task completely.
And yeap, all the past, present and upcoming post are all my efforts that i've put in alot time to complete.
So everytime, I publish a post it means wrapping up a diy item done by myself.
You might wanna know, how does it feel to have wrapped up and complete an item.
The thrill of being able to gift it away and also proudly say that this present was handmade to the ones you cherish most.
They only can imagine the thoughts and effort all wrapped up into making this gift.

Priceless, to me.

Same goes to the food. The Bandito Pockett wrap that KFC has put in effort and time to creating...

Here goes:

Unwrap good times with KFC Bandito Pockett!

KFC Bandito Pockett packed with so many tasty ingredients, 100% chicken fillet marinated in signature hot & crispy flavor, served on a bed of fresh lettuce, with salsa and mayonnaise, all wrapped in a tortilla and toasted for that extra crunch. It is every KFC fan’s favourite wrap! Try it now to enjoy a good time!

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